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Here is some more information and frequently asked questions.


How long will it take to get my images?


You can expect to get your images back within 3 weeks.  I will prepare a sneak peek and this is typically posted online before all the images are available. 

Will my images be edited?


Absolutely!  All photos taken will be checked for correct colors and tone.  Small blemishes and distracting items will be removed from the images.  I will also include a some black and white images.  If you choose to work with me on an album or some larger prints I will focus extra attention to those particular images. 

What presentation options do you offer? 


In addition to getting your digital images many couples choose to purchase an album of there images to share with friends and family.  Another option is a slide show or DVD slideshow where you can watch the images on a computer and TV displayed to music.  I'd be happy to work with you to design either!

How far will you travel?


I'm currently living and working in the Tromsø area of Northern Norway, but I often travel back to Vermont (New England) and Colorado.  I also love to travel and explore new places!  Typically all travel costs and accommodations would be paid for by the client, however I would be very interested to discussing it more with you.   

Snakker du norsk?


Nei, jeg snakker bare lit Norsk.  My Norwegian is very limited.  I can organize and pose you and your guests in English, which based on my experiences so far should not be a problem, but we can talk about this more if you have any concerns.     


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